A tale of how salary conspired against me.

It all began a long time ago; once a upon a December, I received a call asking me to pick my appointment letter. My parents were very excited, I was working, finally! My linear progression scale also agreed- kindergarten- check, primary school-check, O’level-check, A’level-check, bachelor’s degree-check. All checked. I picked my letter with a litany of requirements, one of them was opening a bank account. My dad wrote my reference to his bankers and it should have been easy, only this was a long time ago. I needed to explain why I wanted to open the account and what the purpose of the account was. And so began the games that salary would play with me. Each account had charges, minimum bank balances and an insy, winsy bit of interest. I selected the one that only required one letter of reference, it had no interest and required an immediate deposit for it to be opened. I was already indebted to myself, or was it the bank, before I even started working. Never forget salary.

Do not wait till your first job, start saving on all monies you receive.

Moral. ⚠

The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender.
Proverbs 22:7 NKJV

And with that sorted, we started work. Salary was sometimes late, sometimes early, sometimes just on time. Salary and time were clearly having issues. I decided to work with time, because well, time was more predictable. Salary’s mood swings were legendary, every one complained about her, whenever we were with time. Which was always.

Your most constant resource is time. If you manage your time well, money shall follow.

Moral ⚠

So be very careful how you live, not being like those with no understanding, but live honorably with true wisdom, for we are living in evil times. Take full advantage of every day as you spend your life for his purposes.
Ephesians 5:15‭-‬16 TPT

It was not long before I was introduced to advance. The office grape vine always has a vine dedicated to options that are available to maintain your current and dream lifestyle. So advance, had limits and could be contained within your salary for one month. Well, that did not sound too bad. Let us try this advance. And advance😀 was always on time. Advance was always in a good mood, it was easier than accounts opening. You even received a phone call when advance was paid. Wow. Advance became my new best friend, goodbye salary! But Advance was jealous, very jealous. I had so many conversations about my relationship with salary, and told advance it was nothing personal but I owed salary alot in life. Well, that did not go down well, advance started to sabotage my dreams. The more, I pursued advance, the less I had to spend on my lifestyle. Salary was constantly complaining because the bills were piling up and we could not keep up.

Advance is debt. Stay away from advance on your salary. Choose contentment.

Moral ⚠

Those who love pleasure become poor; those who love wine and luxury will never be rich.
Proverbs 21:17 NLT

With the ‘millennium bug’, came new innovations. The first one being a salary account, all one needed was a letter of reference ans, voila you had an account. It had no minimum balance and minimal charges on withdrawal. Little did we know, this was a setup.

Not all that glitters is gold. Read the fine print. Read the times.

Word to the wise ⚠

The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, But those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.
Proverbs 21:5 NKJV

In they came, trip trapping on our bridges, unmoved by our troll nature. They walked in, all suave and kempt, high heeled and polished. They spoke English English, a bit accented and their words rolled off their tongues like it was their mother tongue. Once in a while, they switched to their mother tongue, fluidity just. The latest crop of banking relationship managers ushered in by the ‘millennium bug’ and the Great Recession aka the Crash of 2008. They sold us salary loans. If you had a salary account, it was easy peasy. Sign here, sign here, and voila, within four days, you could be a millionaire! If you did not, it might take slightly longer, more signatures, but you too could join the club. ✒️? So it was, that within a few months, we were all millionaires. It took us a few years to catch on that interest rate, the one in tiny letters that you could not read, was not our friend. By then, most of us were so indebted, even advance would not pick our calls. We had mortgaged our future. And we still had to live in it.

Salary loans are an overdrawn future. Walk away from debt.

Moral ⚠

A prudent person sees trouble coming and ducks; a simpleton walks in blindly and is clobbered.
Proverbs 22:3 MSG

Promotion and an adjusted salary structure brought great reprieve. The same relationship manager who once ruthlessly sold loans to beat targets advised to defer gratification and save over time to achieve my goals. He gave the illustration of the cumulative effect of saving over the same period vis a vis paying off a loan. And without the interest component, wow. It looked doable. I could also wait, even with inflation, the cost was so much lower. That’s how I started saving.

Never spend your money before you have it

Thomas Jefferson ⚠

The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get.
Proverbs 21:20 NLT

So there is this series being run by Worship Harvest Ministries, catch it here if you have not yet watched it.

Working the works of God

Jesus was speaking to some Jews, according to John, who asked Him this question that always struck me as strange, odd even. It always seemed so out of context. I thought well, Jesus, who is graciousness personified, was being gracious to the askers. What did they mean by working the works of God?

Then they said to Him, “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?” Jesus answered and said to them, ” This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

John 6:28-29 NKJV

So there is this series at Worship Harvest #SomeKaMoney, started this August 2020. If you have not listened to it, you can start right here.

Sunday morning, keenly paying attention to the sermon and boom! It hits me that to the Jews, work was their way of extending the kingdom of God. It is why they ask Jesus after he has miraculously fed them, all five thousand of them, how they can work it? Their response to the miraculous was wonder and desire to replicate.

One of my history classes had very inquisitive minds. They did not accept regular answers and always asked why? The lessons were filled with so many seemingly unconnected whys. I decided rather than waste this opportunity, let us delve into the theory of evolution. At which point, of course, with the many whys, they became the several theories of evolution. In order to prepare for the lesson, I also had to really delve so as to sufficiently answer each child’s questions. I read about Darwin’s expedition to the Galapagos islands and his journal entries and drawings of the finches. Suddenly, my world was filled with wonder at the magnificence and greatness and forethought of God.

These finches were spoken into being, (Genesis 1:20-23) on the fifth day. Not only were they distinguished from eagles, parrots, hens and humming birds by the Word of God. They carried within themselves, the ability to adapt and survive in their different environments. Darwin spent five years observing them, it must have been such a wondrous thing to behold. His observation led him to write his paper, The Origin of Species, which to date has caused quite a stir.

Source: Pinterest

In both instances, Darwin’s and the Jews, the wonder of creation created a desire that got them working. It created a passion that caused them to create. Why then do we separate, our wonder from our work? It is not possible. All work begins with wonder, the possibility of greatness. The possibility of bringing happiness to a soul.

Have you paused to think about why you work? Well Genesis 1, tells us that God paused at the end of each day and saw that His work was good. Is it any wonder then that Peter says of Jesus ‘he went about doing good..’ while speaking at the house of Cornelius. (Acts 10:38). Paul writing to the Ephesians exhorts them and us to remember that we are ‘created in Christ Jesus to do good works’. Paul also writing to the Philippians encourages them that ‘it is God who works in you both to will and to do. God worked because He is good and loves to do good.

Why do you work? And why should you work? Work is our response to the greatness of God. Like the heavens, David writes about, declare the glory of God. (Psalm 19:1). Our work declares the glory of God.

My prerogative

To be Ugandan. To be justly rewarded for my labour. To use my gifts for the benefit of my country. To live. To love. To laugh.

My prerogative to be Ugandan.

Everybody’s talking about the speech, to be more precise, the President’s labour day speech. While listening to all the divergent views, I couldn’t help but wonder if the real question, we are grappling with is not, Am I Ugandan?

What does a Ugandan look like? What does a Ugandan talk like? Like me? Like you? Like Who?Should we have certain core attributes that go beyond a document to define Ugandaness? I should think so. And while, we are at it, I know that taking a low paying job is not one of the attributes. I know this because it is not.

Ugandans love the hustle. I learnt how to drive while working in an office in Katwe, this meant that I had to go through Queensway everyday, in the period before traffic lights were working. A time where even traffic police men never treaded in that area. It was a dog eat dog ride! Highway code? The one whose bumper is ahead is the code. The hustle was real. Suffice it to say, I learnt about right of way when I moved to an office on Kampala road. Grid locks. Tight fits. Quick slips. Scratches & T cuts. Bumpers and rivets.

Then the lights were installed. Applause. Applause. Sanity on the Queensway. Lanes. Straight lines. Cramped but organized. Predictability.

Fast forward to last week, same route with working lights. The dogs are still there, eating you up, if you so much as blink! The one whose bumper is ahead is the light. Follow the car in front of you. You will be fine.

So maybe, all learner drivers just exaggerate. Let us try to catch a taxi to Mukono. A tout calls you, ‘sweetie’, ‘honeypie’, carries your bags and settles you in a taxi. He even pauses to reassure you that the taxi will get you to Mukono in the shortest time possible. You relax. Then people start getting out of the taxi, the conductor comes sends a few missives their way and slams the door. A fight ensues. A few more passengers are coaxed to the door, the now calm conductor opens and they enter. It fills up, off on your merry way. You fly off, home gets closer. Then comes Bweyogerere, everyone comes off in Bweyogerere. The conductor says you should come off as well and get onto another waiting taxi. He does this while looking away from you, usually counting change for another conductor. You are right to be confused. He cannot be talking to you. So we are absolutely clear, Bweyogerere is not Mukono. Dumbfounded. You pay him or you decide you shall let him know in no uncertain terms, this is a breach of contract. In fact, he shall hear from your lawyers! Harangue him, crucify him, the message is clear, this taxi will not be taking you to Mukono. To save the readers time, neither will the next taxi. In order to get to Mukono, you hustle.

For us, we don’t know those things, we stay in the city. Where everything is orderly. Rightttt. Nooo, not right. You decide to go shopping in the market for fresh produce, let us go to Nakasero market. Centre of town.Early morning, there is parking. It is jammed. A parking guide kindly directs you to an open space. He offers to carry your shopping as well. You step out of your car and splat! Right into tomato debris! Another shopping assistant arrives, this time waving buvera.

You: ‘Weren’t buvera banned?’

Shopping assistant: ‘Nedda nyabo, but we also have a kicupu for you.’

You select one assistant and proceed to shop. You push through the crowds while careful to jump over the potatoes, herbs, tomatoes on the road, the pineapples, bananas on the pavement. You are pushed aside by porters shouting fasi fasi. The haggling traders. the trucks backing up. The bodas zooming past you. Your assistant calmly packs and carries. No load is too heavy. You weave your way back to the car. You tip your assistant, I don’t know who his employer is. And slowly realize, as you back up that your kind parking tout disappeared and so did your side mirror.

Ugandans love nice things. Is it trendy? Is it fashionable? Is it nice? It is available in Uganda. It is not in the shops, I have a friend who ships goods on a weekly basis, you just order online. I am going to Dubai in two weeks. I have a friend in China even as we speak. My neighbour is in Jo’burg on holiday. You shall have it next week. It is worth the hustle.

Ugandans love to party, oba that word is too much. Some words have no literal translation into English. Let us work with party. There will always be food and drinks and lots of people, usually uninvited at any event. Even the service providers join in the party, sometimes they make speeches. O Uganda, may God uphold thee!

And how could I forget, they love to pray. Every meeting, any meeting, even lunch, let us pray. Agenda item number one, let us pray. Are you happy? Let us pray. Are you sick? We go for this fellowship. Do you need a visa? Pastor so and so, helped my friend get a visa.

Ugandans are friendly. Everyone is my friend, I just got introduced to you 5 mins ago. Come and meet my friend. Sometimes, you end up related because you have mutual relations. Your cousin’s aunt’s neighbour of that place where they lived when they were young, yes, that one, they live near me! Eh…vigourous handshaking, exchange of phone numbers. BFFs.

Because of the hustle, the numerous friends, events rarely start on time. To start on time, include this in your program. It is important that everyone is friends before the event starts. Everyone has time to recover from the hustle, polish the muddy shoes, realign the tie or scarf. Touch up the makeup. And lastly, but not least, to tell anyone who cares to listen all about your hustle; the one to get to the event, the one to get the right outfit for the event. This has been well received at national level, the guest of honor always arrives when everyone is friends.

Low pay is detrimental to being Ugandan. Then again, it is only my opinion. In the grand scheme of things like freedom, liberty and justice for all, what is low pay.