Harvest Institute 2021

In the year 2020, the world was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I recall hearing our President H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni saying that schools would be closed for a while as a precautionary measure. Yes, and we all agreed that it was a good thing. We hustled through the six hour long jams with many questions from children about whether this was the end of world, whether they were ever going to see their friends again…and we laughed at the idea.

The next few days after picking our children were a nightmare….Churches were shut down! No Church. Then everything, and we couldn’t even leave home. It seemed like a bad joke…but we were living in it. Eventually, we were confined to little rectangles on zoom, to adjusting lighting and chair positions if we wanted to learn or connect with other human beings. Everything was broadcast to a device near us. No dressing for weddings. Funerals were invite only, even then heavily masked and seated so far apart.

The short version of the story is I survived.

I realized that my world had changed and everything I had been taught would not get me through a Post COVID world. Enter 2021, I joined Harvest Institute School of Leadership. Something in me just needed to shift. I was excited to be back in a room with real people talking to a face without any barrier. The assignment to write a letter to yourself in 30 yrs, caused me to reflect on life. That would be 2051. What would the world look like? How old would my children be? How old would I be? What would matter to me. I recalled that I had different versions of this in other leadership spaces and the only constant was I had adapted to the changes. Nothing in my earlier years had remained the same, and nothing in the next 30 would. That was January.

By February, we were online again! And so it continued, we didn’t know whether we would be in session or online until the week before. There was a possibility we could have been in Kenya for Fearless in person, but Nairobi was shutdown so tight. We were online for the entire summit. Changes were already happening. We were back to those little rectangles.

It was a very volatile year. The year we experienced Delta, many friends and acquaintances passed on. I got to the point where I didn’t want to check my WhatsApp because I knew it would have a death announcement. But everything was online right? I needed Jesus to help me cross over from the fear of death to the triumph on the cross. I spent a lot of time in prayer and the Word. By the time, COVID came into my home and my son got COVID and he thought he would die, I was ready. I told death it could not have him! Jesus is the Word sent to heal all diseases. We didn’t quarantine, we didn’t do all those good things WHO recommended. And he healed and none of us got COVID-19.

Somewhere in July we started the infamous TUSU module which stretched us. You need to understand that you would be chatting with Prof. TUSU on an old assignment and a new group assignment would come in, so you had to chat, read up on the assignment ( because that team can tell when you are fibbing, and you redo….for real…REDO a group assignment) and then come up with the group position. When you are chatting with a Professor, good people, you have to use your mind- know the subject matter, be coherent and reflect on other views.All this with children online, managing logistics of supplies, oba where are you positioned for the zoom call…and reading….and thinking about that new blog! Kati in the middle there, they introduce the term VUCA and we had to work with CEOs to help their companies survive….we were the ones learning! Ha ha . Stretched or stretched!

The final module was the ice cream cone for me. Everything made sense. I appreciated the journey, how we began. I had been given an opportunity to observe leaders navigate a very volatile year, to read the books they read, to ask questions and to gain clarity on what I was learning through synopses. In that session, I realized that God had given me gifts and resourced me for such a time as this. I was where I was because He had placed me there deliberately. But it wasn’t just for me- Everything made sense. Mr. Claude Nikondeha is the facilitator for this session. His story is just one of using his resources, his connections, his gifts and wisdom to make other people’s lives better. Your life is not about you alone- you have what you have so you make other people’s lives better.

I published my first book with the title Sculpted By Design because I realized that no one is here by accident. God is the Sculptor and He has been very precise and deliberate about each person and each resource.