Only 30kgs allowed

Baggage restrictions are the bane of flight travel. It drains the excitement out of shopping. It has turned packing a suitcase into an art. There was nothing fun about the restrictions, I thought.

Well today, we were studying the Wilderness road with our grade 3s and they had to think about what a man would need to take on that 200 mile long journey. Carved out by Daniel Boone.

One of the boys packed the entire cavalry, he even had a canon just in case. We went back and forth over how many things can be loaded on a horse. He decided he needed an entire pack of horses! He had over twenty items on his list. Clearly, we need to begin some serious hiking in this UG of ours.

It was hilarious, I thought he would never move. Paralysis by analysis. The airlines would have a field day with him, I mused.

He got me thinking about our life though. How we carry around so much of our past, our memories are clogged with so much. We literally need greater horse power to move us each day. All sojourners travel light, the destination is the most important.

St. Paul writes about forgetting what is behind and pressing on to the high calling of Christ.

Forgetting. Forgetting. I may forgive but I will not forget, we pile on our miseries, our misgivings, our failures. Every negative memory. We pile it on layer by layer. We add our trophies, our awards, our memorials, our charms, our heirlooms. Beasts of burden weighed down by memories, we float by through time. soon forgotten.

Lay them down, they belong to a time you no longer live in. They are behind you. The windscreen is bigger than the rear view and wing mirrors. Focus on what is ahead. Set yourself for the present. Look ahead. Stay on the journey. The destination is most important.

Daniel Boone’s 15 year old son was killed in an ambush on the Wilderness road. His death unplanned brought him so much anguish. He paused the trek. He mourned his son privately. But soon it was time to move on to Kentucky. Stephen, full of wisdom, the one who cared for all the widows was stoned to death. James beheaded by a vengeful Agrippa. The apostles kept at it, there was still the world.

Press on. Press on. The pressure will be intense. Parts of your journey will be treacherous. You will lose more. You will hear wild cats, they will cause you anxiety. Press on. You will find great lands filled with bison and deer. Bubbling Brooks with fresh water. Press on. The destination is the most important.

Boonesboro. A beacon of hope. The West is now open to the pioneers.

The high calling of Christ, to love as we have been loved. Let no man owe another except the to love. The debt to love. Love never fails.

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