Gone Maama gone

Mmmmmhh….. Hmmmm……


I called out for you maama-

You looked at me, in your haste to leave,

I saw you look at me Maama…

I reached out for you Maama…my arms hang limp now, my fingers are numb, Maama-

Why did you walk out Maama?

They came for me, when THEY came for me… Maamaaaa? Turn back, Maamaaaa… don’t leave.

Why didn’t you wave them away with your magical wand?

They pricked all my pores like a million gnats, they gnawed at the soles of my feet with glass. Maamaaaa, O Maamaaaa, hoo….maamaaa

Come back… come back.

Why didn’t you say anything Maama?

They put fire in my mouth, they sucked ice cold water through my ears.

Hiccup! Hiccup!

I fail to remember your sweet voice, Maama, your sweet voice that sung me lullabies, that fed me sweet morsels of hope;

Who are you Maama?

Did you forget me? the child you nursed on your breast, the crying child you rocked to sleep every night.

The knife, O Maamaaaa; they bled me till I bleated.

What is the color of blood Maama? is it crimson? Is it silver? Is it gold?

Is it dark? Dark as sorrow?Dark as the shroud of my captors?

It’s only the sound of silence, child. Maama’s gone. Maama’s gone.

4 thoughts on “Gone Maama gone

  1. Witnessing life ebb out of a loved one … is an indescribable experience! I hold onto the HOPE that one day we shall be reunited in PARADISE.


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